Bespoke Moments Of A Serene Heart

Author Name: Sweta Srivastava | Format: Paperback & eBook | Genre: Poetry 

“We often spend time in waiting for more of this and less of that. Make space only for what you have now. Your life will be filled with an abundance called serenity.”

In the journey of life, we all scribble through our thoughts, some have a gift to put their emotions to ink, and for me, I distinctly remember when I started writing, it was through the images I captured to mark as a memento, of a place I travelled to, or simply as a remembrance of a feeling that made me long for more. And so, my breathings started, mostly in form of small videos that I would capture, learning nuances of editing and completing with captions.

Little did I realize then that the process was as if I was thinking through my fingers, yet speaking from my heart. With each small project I completed typing, I wanted to go back to my gallery and see it once more. In my own personal space, I received that prizing which motivated me to believe that I must try to write.

Like most maiden authors would feel, words to me comes naturally, but my family and my friends, the small group with whom I shared my poetry have become that reason that I have made this attempt to print my gamut of emotions, mostly as free verses, that is almost a resounding catharsis.

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