Drive To Thrive

What it takes to become an inspirational manager by bringing the best out of others

Author Name: SHARAD BAJAJ | Format: Paperback & ebook | Genre: Business, Strategy & Management

Amazon Sales Rank: #1 Amazon Hot New Release In Business, Strategy & Management

Many people are managers or aspire to manage at work – whether you are managing an entire workforce or trying to convince people to support an idea. I want you to ask yourself, do you feel like you are at your best and most natural when you lead others? In Drive to Thrive book, I have explained various team management, team building, and culture building concepts through my own 20 years of experience at Microsoft and Amazon.

Drive to Thrive is a book that will help you bring greater depth, understanding, and clarity to your leadership and management style. Every chapter will propel you towards making operational and managerial excellence a habit to thrive as a manager and build a high performing team. After reading the book, you will be able to effectively manage your team by building the right team culture and putting the right processes in place. This book will explain to you the key team management, team building, and self growth concepts with practical examples.

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