Ek Shikshika Ma

Author Name: Sanjay Bisht | Format: Paperback & eBook | Genre: Poetry 

This is a book written by Sanjay Bisht who is in author from Uttarakhand, India. This book has amazing poetry and was launched by Former Chief Minister Of Uttarakhand Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal "Nishank".

Till date I read a lot of memoirs, but when I sat down to write my own, I came to know how difficult this genre is. It is not even known, it was the supernatural power of the mother, that she got these memoirs written by my own hands in such a way that the pile of letters went on converting into words! 

Therefore, in the meaning of the words in it, at some places even I am not able to understand who is saying this. In between, my wife Veena helped and supported me in writing this memoir collection. I would ask him the quantities of each word. 

No matter how busy she was, she always encouraged in the right direction with her opinion. The series of these memoirs, in the true sense that I lived my life, she was there in every sound of my heartbeat every moment! 

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