Reimagine Goals

Importance Of Goal Setting And How Goals Leads To Success

Author Name: MANAN VERMA | Format: Paperback & e-book | Genre: Goals 

Amazon Sales Rank:  #1 Amazon Bestseller

"If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else." –Lawrence J. Peter

After great success with Manan Verma's book based on decision making (You Decide: Power Of Decision Making And How Your Decisions Affects Your Life) which is also #1 book on Amazon. We present you with a new book based on Goals.

Human Life is a lot of things. We dream, inspire, create, motivate and make decisions. But the main thing about human life is our we can change our life altogether and become whomever we choose to be. Our decisions impact everything around us which includes our life, and the people we love.

But before a decision comes goals. Without a goal taking any decision is just like sailing in a sea without a lighthouse or navigation. Goals act like navigation for humans which helps us to make great decisions that lead to success. If you want to know the importance of goal setting and how your goals will help you achieve success in the long run then this book is for you.

Remember goal setting is an art and you should master this art. Goals can help you achieve success and become the leader that the world needs. Take action today and set a goal right now to read this book in a day because this is your call to change your life. 

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