Sarasti Shayari Se Phool Aur Kante

A book with amazing and deep poetry

Author Name: Abhinandan Gupta | Format: Paperback & ebook | Genre: Poetry

'Sarasati Shayari Se Phool Aur Kante' is in our hands after a long time since the pen was started. However, before the publication of this book, my two books 'Abhinandan Bhajan Muktavali' and 'Guruvar Kripa Prasad' have been published in the form of compilation and self-realization in the form of self-recollection of our most revered Tulsipeethadhishwar Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Swami Shri Rambhadracharya Ji without any reason.

Writing work is not professional work, it is an important medium of directly spreading spiritual satisfaction and social message. The success or failure of the book depends to some extent on the promotion of the book, but mainly the quality of the book writing and the meaning of the message given, if the social purpose is fulfilled, then the standard of writing's success is set.

I sincerely hope that you readers will like this book of mine, it is an effigy of human errors, maybe there will be errors in my creations, you will forgive Sudhijan for the errors, it is a humble request to you, virtuous, please inform me about the errors. , so that more coming creations can take a refined form.

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