Become An Amazon Bestselling Author



It is inherent in every rational being to want to excel at what they do. There's no fathoming of the happiness that comes with the actualization of a particular goal after struggling so hard for it and dreaming about it. Every author's dream is for their book to be relevant, heard of all over, to thrive and flourish sales-wise, for their book to be on top of its category, all authors want to see that "#1 Best-seller" alongside the title of their book on a worldwide known publishing platform like Amazon. I tell you, nothing else can bring broad, bright smiles to the face of an author than waking up to find their book on top of its genre, being the best-selling book amongst the thousands of other books in that same genre on the world's biggest publishing outlet; that feeling is timeless.


The Advantages of Being an Amazon Best-Seller

Being a best-seller on not just any publishing platform but on Amazon, the biggest and most famous indicates that you have sold thousands of copies (number of sales differ with categories because not all categories carry the same weight of importance) within the first day of publishing and that's no easy task, little wonder it's nearly every author's dream to see that coveted orange "#1 Best-seller" tagged on their books so they also can enjoy the advantages that come along with being a best-seller which include:


Steps to Becoming an Amazon Best-Seller

After knowing these few dividends of being a best-seller on Amazon, I'm very sure that you're pondering within yourself, "how do I become an Amazon best-seller?" Don't panic. We at Paper2publish got you covered and are here to guide you because we share your dreams of becoming an Amazon best-seller.

We know that you really want to become a best-seller on Amazon, but how amazing and worthy is your book? Remember that there are tens, hundreds and if possible, thousands of books in that same genre of yours that are also vying for that same top spot as best-seller; hence, it is very pertinent that you write an amazing book that'd be worthy of being recognized, sold and read. Decide on the type of book you want to write and outline all the ideas and points you want to compile into a book in a very orderly and rational manner as the worthiness of your book goes a long way in determining if you'd hit that spot that's coveted by other ambitious writers like you.

You cannot just emerge from nowhere and become an Amazon best-seller all of a sudden. Wondering what an author platform is? Your author platform is simply your pin-pointed and target audience - those you hope to reach out to, they make up your author platform because without them, I really wonder what would happen to your book; as a result, these people must know that you're in existence and that you're drafting books for their consumption. You have to come out of your shell and make yourself a constantly present figure on social media, create an author page or website and market yourself steadily as an author.

You cannot get to that top spot all by yourself, you need the help of a good laugh team that'd support you in achieving your goal. A laugh team is a group of supportive people who are interested in and enthusiastic about your book and are willing and dedicated to helping you launch your book and also carry out promotional activities because they share your dreams as an author. At Paper2publish, we are always motivated to make your best-seller dreams come true as we've been and are still serving as a sure and reliable launch team who take authors' books and place them on top by also engaging in aggressive promotional actions on and for their books.

In getting to that best-seller height, you need the help of those who are notable in the social media space as an advertising post of your book from them has the capacity of garnering large amount of people looking forward to getting a copy of your book. Social media influencers play a great role in setting you up as an author with a best-seller dream as their followers tend to flow with anything they post; thereby opening your book to a good number of persons who they act as opinion leaders to. With Paper2publish, you're rest assured of getting your book known to a very large reach of people as we act as real social media promotional links for authors, making their books known to the internet top-guns who in turn would promote their books on their highly recognized media platforms, giving them a widely spread recognition which has very high tendencies of being transformed into bumper sales and eventually, the best-seller spot.

So many an author feel this would reduce their profits forgetting that the way to getting more is starting from having less. When you put out your book, know and understand that different factors move or trigger readers to buy a book and the price of that book is a factor that should not be forgotten; therefore, it is advisable to slam a lower price on your book at least during the first week of its publication as that could go a long way in determining the sales of your book on the publishing space. So many readers have bought books not really because they need it, but because of its convenient price; and as such, it's not a foolish decision to lower the price of your book the first week of its publication and watch how sales would rake in since your book has already got the necessary awareness and promotion it needs.



Writing a book is one thing, publishing it on the biggest and widest publishing platform (Amazon) is one other thing, but giving that book a top spit in its category, making it relevant in the market space and making it a best-seller on a gargantuan Amazon outlet is entirely another thing. Having known the importance and advantages of having a best-seller book and knowing some of the necessary tips on how to get to that No.1 spot on Amazon, you definitely would need the right team who know the yardstick and are familiar with all the criteria involved in being a best-seller to lead you right there to the top and that's pinpointedly what we at paper2publish have done, are still doing and would continue to do. We have a quality, tested and proven-to-be-real team who have helped myriads of authors actualize and achieve their deep, internal dreams of being best-sellers on Amazon and this expert team are still very much available to help you achieve your author dreams if you're in consensus. Contact us today and watch how we set your book on the throne of its category, giving it that widely coveted orange badge and making you a best-seller to your greatest surprise, bringing to fulfilment your long-conceived author goal and ambition. Others like you have been made, you also can be made a best-seller today.