Note: 50% of MRP is based on the actual print cost, but if the print cost is INR 500 and you request to list your book at INR 250, which is already half of the print cost, then you automatically shift to the zero royalty option in paperbacks.


1. Estimate the Production Cost & the Minimum MRP of your book by using the Production Cost Calculator below.

2. Set a price greater than the Minimum MRP to calculate your earnings using the Author Royalty Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Recommended Minimum MRP?

Recommended Minimum MRP is the least MRP that can be set for your book. This is calculated taking into account the printing and distribution costs associated with your book.

2) How do I set the MRP for my book?

You can set any number higher than the Recommended Minimum MRP for your book. As soon as you type an MRP, you get to see how much royalty you make via each of our sales channels. Play around till you arrive at an optimal MRP for you book.

3) How is author profit calculated?

Profit is calculated as the difference between the MRP and expenses incurred on the book. Profit = MRP – Expenses (Production Cost + Distribution Cost). Authors get 100 per cent of the net profits from the book.

4) Why is the profit higher when I sell via the Paper2Publish Bookstore?

Booksellers and ecommerce websites usually charge a 50% distribution fee on MRP on the books they sell. Hence, the royalty you receive is lower than what you receive via our own Bookstore where we charge you no distribution fees and this advantage is translated as better profits to you the author of the book.