Design A Great Book Cover

A very good product within a bad package might not do well as a not-so-good product with a very good packaging. If good packaging is very important for products and can have great effects on how much that product would generate, then a good cover design is also very important for your book.

Cover design is that visual, colorful covering of your book that is first seen by potential readers  before the content of your book and it to a very large extent determines how well your book would fair in the publishing sphere as readers normally tend to purchase books whose cover designs attract them the most and as such, prime attention has to be given to how your book cover is designed so as to make your book stand out and be able to get and seize the attention of readers amongst the other plethora of books in the same genre. The importance of a good cover design cannot be overemphasized as it creates a wall of difference between your book and other books which is very important because the more different and unique your book is, the more readers would be attracted to it and that attraction would eventually trigger the reader to purchase the book thereby increasing sales of the book and giving you a voice as an author.

Though knowing the meaning and the significance of a good cover design is good, you'd be left lagging behind if you are oblivious of important tips necessary in getting a good book cover design. Let's look at some key steps that'd guide you in making the best cover design for your book.

Before drafting your book, it is assumed that you already know the strata and type of people you're writing for because you obviously cannot write for everybody, but you must have a definite target audience. The same concentration you put in when drafting the book, same intentionality should be put in when making a cover design. You have to know the type of picture combination and composition styles that your target audience would relate to immediately at first sight. If your book is about politics and government, a picture of a government building would go a long way in passing an instant message to your target audience because they're familiar and conversant with such pictures and would be able to get an idea of what your book talks about.

It is very advisable to keep your cover design very simple as possible and easy to comprehend so that at the first look, the reader can flow into the meaning conveyed by the design as complex, sophisticated designs make it quite hard for readers to decipher the message of the design which could be a turn-off. The minimalistic design principles is also advised to be followed in keeping only elements that'd suffice in dispersing the message of your book.

A glut of authors miss it at this juncture in the sense that they dole out too much information about the book on the cover design which could reduce potential readers' eagerness to read the book having got so much information already; as a result, it is very pertinent to ensure that your cover design only gives potential readers a hint of what the book is about so as to heighten their wanting to know more about the book thereby turning them into buyers.

Colors are the vectors of aesthetics as anything colorless would hardly be attractive to the eyes. However, though colors are important in adding beauty, it is very important for you to know the color composition to use in other to pass the message of your book. For example, a white and red color theme would be appropriate for a love story as those colors pass a tallying message with the book. The same goes for pictures because pictures are greater carriers of messages. A horror and gothic book should not have a love picture as the main picture on the cover design as that negates the message the book conveys in itself. Colors and pictures are very useful, but if utilized wrongly, they could actually do more harm than good to your book.

There is great need for you to get a dexterous, trained and tested cover designer who has adequate knowledge of all book cover(front page, back page and spine) entails; who has carried out series of similar jobs, who knows what font size, picture size, color theme and combination would suit your book; someone who can flow into your thoughts and put all the necessary things together to birth the perfect cover design and that's what we at paper2publish possess: talented, adequately trained and tested cover designers who are always ready and available to give your book the most exquisite cover design.


A saying goes, “If you want to be heard in a noisy world, make a different noise.” In the same vein, if you want your book to be recognized amongst plethora of others, write a different book and a different book is first known by its unique and distinct cover design which plays a big role in determining how well your book would fair in the market space. Due to this, Paper2Publish is always committed to making flawless cover designs for potential authors that'd set their books distinctively apart and put them ahead on the readers' choice list.