How To Get An ISBN Number

What Is An ISBN?

ISBN, which is the acronym for International Standard Book Number, is that hyphenated set of numerical digits that appear on the copyright page of every book. The ISBN system gives every published book its own distinct and distinguishing number within an accepted and standardized international database which enables readers to have untrammeled access to authors' books from all over the world; as a result, it's not hyperbolic to say that the ISBN is to a very large extent the most valuable and vital piece of information your book's copyright page carries.

A Synopsis of the History of ISBN

The international community saw the need of a standardized system which would help them keep tab and track of all the books that had been published worldwide so as to make it less hectic for readers all over the globe to access published write-ups from other parts of the world which led to the advent of ISBN in the late 1960s and early 1970s; and up to the end of December 2006, ISBNs were made up of only 10 digits, but from the 1st of January, 2007, they were increased to 13 digits due to the quantity of books published and to introduce the beginning three-digit prefix which is either 978 or 979.


Why Do You Need an ISBN for Your Published Book?

As an author, the importance of getting your book its ISBN should not be taken for granted or overlooked as your book's  ISBN makes it possible for the audience and retailing book companies to be able to identify where, when and by whom your book was published; and since no other book can have your ISBN,  that means that it also helps in giving you book a specific and unique identity in the marketplace as without an identity, your book might get lost in the vast ocean of the book sphere. Apart from giving a distinct identity to your book which helps your audience track and identify new editions of your book,  it also helps in differentiating your book from other books as some times, two titles of two different books might be so similar that it might to a large extent obfuscate the buyer, but with your book's ISBN, no matter the verisimilitude between the title of your book and another one, yours would definitely be  set apart and brought out of the myriads of other published works that are quite similar to yours. Also, ISBN gives more credibility to your work as your book's history is embedded in its ISBN and as such, individual readers of your book and retailers also would be assured of handling and reading a real and legitimate piece of writing as all about your book is linked to its ISBN.


What Does Each Set of an ISBN Mean?

Getting a good knowledge of the meaning and advantages of an ISBN without having any inkling of what the digits that make up the ISBN mean would not be a commodious knowledge as each and every number that makes up the ISBN has a meaning and a role to play. Since the ISBN isn’t just a random mixture of numbers, it is then pertinent to have good idea of what each set of numbers that make up the ISBN means.

The three-digit prefix are known as the global standard indicator which would either be 978 or 979.

The next series of numbers represent the country in which your book was published. Books published in English-speaking countries are given a 0 or a 1. Books published in French-speaking countries are given 2. Books published in German-speaking countries are given 3.

Up next is the publisher's code which is succeeded by a number assigned to your specific title and the way your book was published (paperback, hardcover or in an e-book method.)

The concluding digit is known as the check digit which is used for the verification of the ISBN as a whole.


How to Get a Valid ISBN for Your Published Book

Having known what the ISBN in its entirety entails, as an ambitious author, the next thing on your mind should be how to get salient information and guidance on how to get a valid ISBN for your published write-up. And as such, we at paper2publish are always ready and are at your doorstep to guide and lead you through the path of getting your book an identity and giving you a unique and global voice as an author in the publishing world. In two simple steps, we'd discuss how you can get your book's ISBN easily and hassle-free.

The ISBN is an international system that has providers in every clime in the world where books are published; hence, getting an ISBN should not be a herculean task. Every local provider of ISBN is connected to the international system and accepted globally, so the clime you got your ISBN  from doesn't matter. However, it is paramount to note that prices of ISBNs vary from country to country. Bowker, the official ISBN provider for U.S provides single ISBN at $125 while Nielsen for the UK provides its own single ISBN at £89; as a result, to get more information and instructions on how to get yours in your country and how much it costs, you can search for your local provider using "" to get all the necessary details and once you've identified your local provider, you're set and ready to purchase your ISBN.

After identifying your local ISBN provider, the next step is to determine the number of ISBNs you'd love to purchase, whether a single one or in bulk, but buying in bulk is more advisable and far more cost-effective. Imagine getting a single ISBN via Bowker at $125, 4 ISBNs at $500 and 10 ISBNs at just $295 via the same agency, which then is more cost-effective? Although you'd move at your financial pace no doubt, it is very much advisable to get your ISBNs in bulk, at least, 10 ISBNs for a start as it would serve more at a very discounted and cost-effective price.


What fingerprint is to humans is exactly what ISBN is to your published book. Just like no two persons can have the same fingerprints; so also, no two books can have the same ISBN. If fingerprints are so unique and restricted only to one particular individual as a major form of identity and identification, so are ISBNs to books as they serve as a key identify and identifier of your book, giving it credible existence and relevance in the book sphere. Knowing therefore the gross importance of an ISBN  to your book, we are still in the business of issuing internationally valid and recognized ISBNs for as low as $25 for first time authors which is very much cost-friendly and would enable them get an identity for their books at such a convenient price which would boost them to publish more books knowing full well that their already published book now has a global identity and is now accessible to every book reader anywhere on the planet. If a single ISBN would be given to you at $25 by us, how joy-giving would be the discount you'd enjoy for buying in bulk! That'd be standard and valid service at the most affordable price at its climax, so what then are you waiting for?  Hurry up now and visit our website and fill up the online application form therein for the purchase of your ISBN; and after your payment is made, you're set to receive your ISBN in 10 days, but it could also be fastened up if you wish, but at an extra cost.

This is a great opportunity to give your book a global and distinct name in the publishing circle as an author, grab it now and set your book globally on the go.