Make The Most Out Of Your Book Pre-Orders

Method 1: Create a dedicated author website or publisher website page

If you are serious about your book then increase your sales potential on Amazon pre-orders by creating a website or an author page on the publisher's website (request your publisher to do so). Share your most up-to-date information via a dedicated author page so your customers can know about you more.

Method 2: Create a paperback version of your book

Paperback book is one of the most prominent way to attract more customers on board. This creates a brand identity. This method will attract more people to your book because a very few author goes. And make. Their paperback books. 

Method 3: Create an audiobook version of your book

This is even more prominent method and only a very few people choose this. People can now listen your book in an audio format so why not go for it? If you go for it, you will just add one more jewel to your book and it would really great because when people see your book in an audiobook format, they're really intrigued by it and think that the author is really a big shot. 

Method 4: Send your book to family and friends so they can pre-order it

You have to do this. You have to send your book to your family members and friends so they can pre-order it before it is even launched they will support you and you must ask for their support. Some things you have to ask. So go on and ask your family and friends to support your book and buy your book when it is still in pre-orders this can help you fund your book. 

Method 5: Run Paid Ads

As simple as it is if you have the budget you can run ads for your book. You should definitely do it if you have the budget and if not then this is not required, but anyone will suggested and it is the most straightforward method out there. 

Method 6: Post On Social Media On A Regular Basis

If you have social media and you are not using it then I don't know what to say to you. You have to use your social media post on social media about the pre-orders of your book on a regular basis start creating a hype even if people don't buy it.  Arrange a cover launch and more other things. You can even arrange a chapter launch for your book. Do it and make some hype of your book. 

Method 7: Join author and books groups on Facebook and send your book link there

You must do this because it is really very a free method. You should go out on Facebook and find groups of authors and books. You should send your pre-order book link there to get customers before the book is even launched.