Questions To Ask A Writer Before Assigning A Project

Writing is one big deal fellas. And getting a writer who can connect with your thoughts as well as your reader's thoughts is important. So ask these questions before hiring a writer.

These questions will help you get connected with the writer and understand the writer better. 

Below is the format of sample questions based on which you should be drafting your questions to ask your writer?

Step 1: Prepare a summary of the book

Get a book summary in place. This step is important because it will give the writer an idea of what the book is about and what he is writing on. This will help him form a connection with you and your work.


Book Name: Wait Late

Summary Of Book: As a child everyone is full of wonder and magic, taking action regularly and wants to do everything. But as one grows up emotion like waiting develops which halts a person from taking action towards dreams. This emotion of waiting is formed over time. But as it is generated by us it can be replaced by us. Imagine that you become a person who is doing world class stuff, who is so good at his craft that nobody can possibly ignore him. How would you feel? With no doubt awesome! Right! But it will not be possible if you wait and do not take the required action to become that person. This book lays forth the foundation which will enable you to become that person by making you more aware of why one wait and why one should execute. This book is going to help you in turning the nature of delaying action into taking action. This book is for you because everybody sometime in life delays action. This book is software of taking action. Download this in you and start taking action.

Step 2: Select a chapter and prepare a 400 to 500-word summary that describes the chapter in-depth

Select a chapter and prepare a 400 to 500 words summary. This will help a writer to understand a single chapter of your book and focus on a single component of your book. 


Chapter Name: The first chapter is named as The Reason Behind Waiting And Execution. It deals with the most basic, simple and ignored facts which includes the reason behind waiting and execution. It also explains the fact that you do not know what the next moment holds. It highlights our mission as a society and our mission as individual beings. It deals with the mentality or better say the reason because of which people execute. It also highlights that everyone has the power to become extraordinary in any field.

Step 3: Draft 3 to 5 questions based on the selected chapter

The examples of the questions are provided below 



Step 4: Send questions to different writers and go with the best

Send the questions to different writers and wait for their answers after receiving the answers you can decide to go with the one you feel the most connected with or the one the other one whose writing ng style is the best. 

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